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3 minutes DIY ladies fishbone fishbone braid build ladies charm is a delicate braided human hair lace front wigs braided hair, giving the European elegance and charm of Korean ladies, in engendering popular time, how can you miss fashion braided hairstyle? Act now to share detailed fishbone braid weave diagrams, allows you to easily tie a charming braided hairstyle! step1 step1: the first programmed fishbone braid with clamps in the head, and then the hair is divided into the following two. step2 step2: fish bone braided hair braided method, first the right side of the outermost layer of the hair bundle 1 and 2 cross hair bundle, then the hair bundle 1 into the left hand. step3 step3: the left hair braided hair the same way, then turn all the cheap human hair extensions all series complete. step4 step4: What is the effect after completion Oh, as long as the second step of the method is about to be completed sequentially with braided cheap human hair wigs! step5 step5: the following fishbone braid Larsson lightly and let the fish bone braid more natural. step6 step6: fish bone braid top down, the tail folded to the inside, then to the left with a hairpin fixed human hair lace front wig. step7 step7: Wear hair accessories will be more attractive, and very delicate a braided hairstyle!

Spring romantic wind --2014 fashion modeling courses Art Center Collections lazy waves roll a very suitable date hairstyles, hair seemingly casual, bring out the complete oval face, full of tenderness natural drift Italy, the United States women's lazy It has been a perfect hairstyle in this release. Romantic long hair curly hair with this rich Japanese style, full of stylish range of children. If you like this style, then quickly change this new hairstyle! With different hair color, filling the fashion, but also the MM complexion set off a more fair and pleasant. Romantic long curls, giving aesthetic feeling and beautiful reverie. And carve large bangs plus wavy curls full, people feel more comfortable. Curls also increased in number by age effect. Fresh Sen female line pretty short cheap human hair wigs, slightly messy feel was lazy, fashion OL suddenly become fresh Komori woman, full of spring up so romantic! Elegant charm dish made using different techniques braided fleas in human hair, create three-dimensional departure space type, braided hair strands of the process to pick messy cheap human hair extensions only adds a sense of added decorative, showing elegant and refined feel, whether it is work or Banquet, creating an elegant and noble goddess on a range of children!

Pastel human hair lace front wigs tails as a disc, elegant and moving. If Jisi bangs docile nature seems to be no in the cheeks, highlights a gentle touching lady temperament. Here's a look at this together with Xiaobian hair plate made the step bar. Step1 first hair randomly divided into two from the back of the head. Step2 separated from the fringe at the attention of two abstract thin bangs, and make it look a little messy results. Step3 hair from the ears began to weave into tails side, then with a small rubber band fixed. Step4 hand to gently pull the tails, processed into a more full look. Step5 other side is also woven into the tails. Step6 the tails side of the front end of a spin to the head. Step7 The docile tail tails attached to the head, then U-clamp in place. Step8 other tails side is also the same operation, which can ensure the tails side of the first unit of the tail tails to hide. Step9 this side of the tails and tail hidden in the first strand tails below, and then with clamps, clips and then additional fixed overhead tails to ensure that no loose, so this elegant dish made complete a! This plate made dignified and elegant and generous, filling aristocratic temperament. And started simple, and anyone can easily operate Oh! Try it yourself!

Cheng Yi 2014 original trend "glorious 60 years - fashion classic" classic tailoring techniques to square, circle, triangle concept as the core, depending on the angle trim produced nine different basic method timeless tailoring, hairdressing to continue and lead the world trend 60 years nine haircut technology to a new geometry package, geometric cut hair color makeup Interpretation square, circle, triangle, Cheng Yi Wu mccoy president and creative director of Ping Zhu Xiangmin perfect team to bring a new interpretation of the classic. Square piled everything in the world has reason to exist, like the classic tailoring techniques can profoundly affect the hairstylist. Classic tailoring techniques and architectural concept coincides, therefore giving it scientific and professional, and the impact of this classic tailoring techniques for human hair wig stylist technology in the coming decades can not be forgotten time. Square classic hair style removal of Asians as an exotic culture that has a strong regional ethnic characteristics, straight human hair wig cut tough line is known, at the same time, this style also features Westerners contour and texture fit. Atmospheric and gorgeous clothes matched, so the United States in the art of fleas in human hair reborn. parallel lines.